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December *oops... super late*

So maybe I am alone in this... but sometimes I have so, so much to do that I do not get it all done. And while this irks the perfectionist side of me, it brings endless comfort to the 'only human', hopelessly flawed side of me that the world keeps on spinning even if I do not cross everything off my to-do list.

That being said...

I did not get an email out to fans OR a blog post up for the December shows. EVEN THEN, the holidays shows were a fabulous success and I will hold the memories dear and warm in my heart all year long. Thank you kindly, warmly and deeply to those who braved the cold, rain and dark to share some songs. You are my heroes. Here are the fliers and a picture of me folkin' down at Abolitionist in my gypsy scarf full of Christmas magic.... thanks for all the good times we shared.

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